Welcome to my favorites

The list is constantly growing. This is the list of blogs I try to visit the most. If you are not on my list, and you have a blog you feel I would enjoy visiting more often (or if I just brain-farted and visit often but you're not on the list) please let me know by comment or e-mail and I will rectify the situation. Enjoy the surfing.

Blogs I Read of the Political Kind:

A Lady's Ruminations

A Newt One

A Rose By Any Other Name

A Train Wreck In Maxwell

Absolute Zero

Always on Watch

Amboy Times

American and Proud

American-Israeli Patriot

American Daughter

American Pundit

American Soldier (Soldier Life dot com)

An Ol' Broad's Ramblings

Angel's Woman Honor Thyself

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

Atlas Shrugs

Bambenek's Part-Time Pundit site

Basti Says

The Bidinotto Blog

Big White Hat

BIRD - Suzy Rice

Blogger Tom (Mary's Dad from Mary's world

Blogs for Bush

Blue Star Chronicles

Boots in Baghdad: A Grunt's Life

Brainster's Blog

Captain America

Captain's Quarters

Cathouse Chat

Chaotic Synaptic Activity

Church and State

Coalition of the War on the War on Christmas


Conservative Beach Girl

Conservative Crusader

Conservative Digest

Conservative Intelligence Report - MD Conservative

Conservative Observations

CounterTerrorism Blog

Court Zero

Crush Liberalism

Cuba Campanioni

Daily Ramble

Daniel Myers

DeMediacratic Nation

Dhimmi Watch

Dr. Blogstein

Dumb Ox

Educated Shoprat

Erica's Blog

Euphoric Reality

Evangelical Outpost

FaithFreedom dot Org

Faultline USA

Fausta's Blog

Fight the Good Fight - Navy Town USA - SoCal San Diego

From On High

Further Adventures of Indigo Red

Gates of Vienna


Gazing at the Flag

Gentile Warrior (Formerly blogged at Biga's Rants)

GOP Bloggers

Gribbit's Word

Gunny John at Write on the Right


Gunz Up

Harkonnen's Hodgepodge

Hell Pig

Hill Chronicles, The

I'm Thinking of the "O" Word - - OBVIOUS!

Infidel Bloggers Alliance

Insight on Freedom


Ironic Surrealism II


It's Curtains For You

Jawa Report

Joel Rosenberg's Blog (four time NYT bestselling author - Christian Conservative)

Kender's Musings

Klein Verzet

Kris' Stoke Newington: Our Gal in London

Lex Luthor

Liberal Lie, Conservative Truth

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

Liberty Rocks

Little Green Footballs

Marie's Two Cents

Mary's World

Maverick News Media

Media Lizzy

Moment It Hit Me

Ms. Underestimated

Mudville Gazette

My Point Radio Blog

My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Nasty, Brutish, and Short

Neo-NeoCon (What happens when a Dem wakes up on 9/11 and realizes she is on the wrong side?)

NeoCon Command Center

Not Ready for my Burqua

Obob's World

Of Bullets and Bibles

One Marine's View

Panhandle Poet

Passionate America

Perish The Thought

Perri Nelson

Political Grind

Political Vindication

Politically What? Rude, Crude, and entertaining as it dumps on the liberals

Post Watch Blog

Prying 1

Pugil Stick

Purple Avenger

Radio Patriot

Queen of all Evil

Radio Patriot

Random and Politically Incorrect Thoughts

Right On The Right

Right Track, The

Right Truth


Right Wing News

Rocky Mountain Conservative

Rodeo of the Mind

Sailor Curt

Screw Liberals OR Say No To P.C.B.S.: Jenn's Blog

Seeing is Believing (Henry)

Serenity Unearthed (Tisha)

Shadow of Diogenes

Sky Dive Rick

Sparks from the Anvil

Sticks and Stones

Stop the ACLU!

Sue's Views


Sweetness and Light

Tammi's World

The Moment It Hit Me (Lex Luthor)

The Voice

The Wide Awakes

Third Wave Dave

This That and Frog Hair (Patty)

Thunder Pig


Total Kaos


Trek Medic

Tygrrrr Express

Uncooperative Blogger

Urban Conservative 2.0

Voice of the Pacific

Wake Up America

Ward View, The

Warriors For Innocence

Wizbang Politics

Yankee Imperialist

Yeah, Right, Whatever

Yid With Lid